Vertical Basket

Food Processing
IS / API / BS based Design
Solid / Liquid Separation
The Vertical Basket Centrifuge

The Vertical Basket Centrifuge operates under a discontinuous filtration process and is well suited to the efficient separation of Pharmaceutical products and of fine and bulk chemicals. This type of centrifuge is used with small batch sizes and where products are changed frequently with low process costs, this enables versatile usage for processing numerous products with one centrifuge There is no crystal breakage, as the peeling is performed at the reduced speed. They can handle freely and none freely filtering slurries with equal facility.

Rotofilt Vertical Basket centrifuges are built by making it easy to load from the top so that solids can then be extracted with knife or by hand. The equipment has been developed to operate the centrifuge with the exact same filter cake thickness as if it were a production size machine to enable gives a precise scale for each and every process from beginning to end.

Rotofilt Vertical Basket Centrifuge is ideally suited of: Amino acids, benzoic acid, benzene, hexachloride, calcium hypo chloride hexachlorocyclohexane insulin, potassium bisulphate, sodium perborate, penicillin, sulphur, starch, etc.


Typical products processed:

Rotofilt Vertical Basket Centrifuge is ideally suited for processing Atrazine, vegetable extracts, quinine Sulphate, hydrazine, antibiotics, citric acid, pentaerythritol, etc.

Design Features

  • Design and connection as per IS/API/BS.
  • 3 point / 4 Point anti-vibration suspension, alternatively. VISCO damper suspension.
  • Gas tight up to 0.04 bars over pressure.
  • With lip or glide ring seals
  • Cake Removal by Bag lifting/ Manual Scrapping/ Pneumatic top discharge / or Bottom discharge.
  • Grease lubricated bearings. Oil lubrication for demanding use in chemical industry.
  • Hydraulic Variable speed drive for direct coupling, through V-Belts
  • Through cake wash
  • Discharge with negligible crystal breakage
  • Residual heel removal


a) Drive with frequency converter
b) Two speed Electric Motor with electronic start up or with turbo coupling.


  • Automatic and Manual operation with either micro processor or pneumatic controller with the exception of unloading operation.
  • Explosion Proofing and safety devices.
  • Through the floor construction.
  • Pneumatic drive for the cover and scraper unit for use in a clean Room.

Materials of Construction

  • Standard Machines: Contact parts in Stainless steel, rubber-lined with non-coatable parts in Hastelloy C.
    Other materials on request.

Working Principle

  • Batch operation
  • Variable speeds for filling, spinning, washing and scraping
  • Feed controlled by filling valve through feed pipe or distribution funnel
  • Filling by gravity or pump or by rotating cone to affect gentle acceleration of suspension.
  • Basket filling monitored by filling level controller
  • Intensive cake washing with one or more fluids after spinning
  • Separation of mother liquor from wash liquor by valves
  • Cake discharge.


  • Bottom Discharge : Paring knife removes the cake towards the open ends
  • Top discharge:
      • Manual – After filtration removal of cake by manual scraping & shovel
      • Bag Lifting – Entire bag lifted by upper ring to which the filter bag is attached.