Pusher Centrifuge

Food Processing
Single/Multi-stage Design
Solid / Liquid Separation

With simple robust design the Pusher Centrifuge gives high throughputs under the toughest conditions. Operates purely on with mechanical drive the Pusher Centrifuge is suited for all fields for the separation of slurries with solid which filters easily. The average particle size of the solids must be at least 0.1 mm. Pusher Centrifuge utilizes continuous Filtration for the suspended, fast draining, crystalline and granular or fibrous solids from the liquid phase. These solids can be washed as they are transported though the basket.


Typical products processed:

  • Chemicals: Glauber’s salt, boric acid, ascorbic acid, adipic acid, sodium chloride, iron sulphate, sodium sulphate, copper sulphate, sodium dichromate.
  • Fertilisers: Ammonium sulphate, potash, urea, calcium nitrate, potassium sulphate.
  • Plastics / Explosive: PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, linters, nitrocellulose.
  • Food stuff / Animal feed: Extraction residues, meat pulp.
  • Beneficiation: Rock phosphate, gypsum, ores, coal.

Design Features

  • Complete separation of mechanical unit from the process area.
  • Can be fitted with Long and Short or Single and two baskets.
  • Can be fitted with Long and Short or Single and two baskets.
  • Has easy accessibility for maintenance Low Energy Consumption and is Easy to install

Mechanical Unit

Sturdy welded construction of the bearing housing with incorporated oil pan and motor support. Vertically installed oil pump(s) which can be removed without draining of the oil. Hydraulic pusher control incorporated in the pusher piston.

Process area

  • Solids collecting housing and volute race discharge
  • Identical housing for single and two-stage baskets
  • Feed pipe or feed screw
  • Various devices for the distribution of wash liquor
  • “Wear protection package” available for abrasive products
  • Oil pressure joints for simple assembly and disassembly of the basket and pusher plate


The internal basket is available in several alloys. The basket shall is perforated with large filtration holes. Single and two-stage baskets in the long or short versions are available for optimum solution of the separation requirements.

Slot Screens

The basket is fitted with a slot screen. The wedge bar profile and the slot width are chosen according to process requirements, i.e. depending on particle size distribution and slurry concentration. The slot width is usually between 0.1 and 0.5 mm.

Hydraulics and Pusher Action

The pusher plate (or inner basket for two stage units) is operated hydraulically. The spindle pump(s) vertically installed in the oil pan, supplies the required quantities of oil at up to 60 bar pressure. The reversing mechanism is integrated within the pusher piston. It consists of a hydraulically operated pre control valve. Stroke length adjustment is available as standard.