About Us

Rotofilt the name synonym with Solid-Liquid Separation is to-day brand leader in the filed of Solid-Liquid Separation technologies.

With more than 400 Installations worldwide and achieving 3rd position in the world to supply Automatic Vertical Pressure Filter, Rotofilt has earned undisputed place in the realms of process industries.

The company has been 100 percent focused on the Solid-Liquid Separation Technology right from its formation and have consciously focused on the customized Product development, Application Engineering and the Aftermarket services.

The journey started in the year 1996 with the development and manufacturing of Pusher Centrifuges and continued with the development and manufacturing of special application equipment like Decanter, Peeler, Vertical Basket centrifuges and an Automatic Vertical Pressure Filters, the only truly automatic filter press.

In this process of development Rotofilt and its engineers have always kept in their focus to engineer and deliver Energy Efficient Equipment with delivering the optimal Moisture, with the desire capacity, control room operated Equipment targeting “0” maintenance in order to give hassle free performance for years to come.

Rotofilt employs most modern management systems to enhance the capabilities of their personnel and satisfy their client with aftermarket services with contemporary IT systems. The clients are ensured with,…more >